Sending Thoughts and Prayers



So, recently, I had a woman write to me and say she had given a Saints bracelet to her mom a year ago and she recently died.  She told me she decided to bury her mom with the bracelet on because her mother really loved it and also because it was a wonderful idea to have the Saints accompany her mom, symbolically, into the afterlife.  You would think that news would have taken me by surprise but it didn't.  I actually buried my own mother with a Saints bracelet on her wrist for the same reasons...and because I like to think it will remind her of me up there in Heaven!  

LastRitesShop is a creative endeavor that brings me joy everyday.  I have decided to embrace this new idea of a Saints bracelet sometimes being an "eternal" gift. I will soon post a section where you can purchase a particular packaging option for someone near the end of their earthly journey and hope you will find not sadness but great joy in the giving of this "Eternal" gift.   

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